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To access eBooks purchased before March 11, 2024, you will navigate to one of the eBook provider sites listed below.

*You must log in using the same email address used to purchase the eBook (for most students this will be your student email address). This is the same email address (and password) you used to log into the old gsustore.com website (before March 11th) to access your eBooks. *If you saved your login and password in a password saver program like Google Password Manager, you may be able to recover that information in your Settings.

For RedShelf eBooks, navigate to this website –  RedShelf.com, and log in using the appropriate email address and password.

For VitalSource eBooks, navigate to this website – VitalSource.com, and log in using the appropriate email address and password.

If your old gsustore.com password does not allow you to log into the eBook website, simply click the Forgot Password button to reset your password. Once logged into the site, your eBooks should be visible on your bookshelf.

If, once logged in, you do not see your eBook(s) on your bookshelf, try these troubleshooting steps:

1. Are you using the correct email address? Most eBooks are linked to your student email account, but some students created an account using their personal email account, so double-check if you aren’t sure.

2. Did you login to the correct eBook website? Most eBooks are provided through RedShelf, but some are provided by VitalSource. If in doubt, try both websites.

3.If you requested a password reset and didn’t receive a password reset email, you may need to check the other eBook site (RedShelf or VitalSource) or try a different email address.

4.If you’ve tried everything and nothing works, please submit a support request to the appropriate support group. You will need to provide the email (or emails) you think may be associated with your eBook(s), the titles(s), and proof of purchase (you should be able to find your purchase receipt in your email inbox from ustore@georgiasouthern.edu). You may add a request in the notes section to check additional emails you may suspect could be linked to your eBook(s).

5.If your help request through RedShelf or VitalSource is ineffective, please email us at textbooks@georgiasouthern.edu for additional help.

What are the advantages of eTextbooks?

eTextbooks are often priced lower than their physical counterparts saving you up to 80%. They also offer enhanced web functionality such as immediate access, search capabilities, highlighting and note-taking, study options such as flashcards and study guides. Many eTextbooks offer text to speech and other accessibility accommodations, as well as the option to print select pages or offline reading. Purchasing eTextbooks also means fewer heavy textbooks in your backpack.

What are the disadvantages of eTextbooks?

eTextbooks are only available for a limited subscription period – similar to renting a physical book. Printing capabilities may be limited. Refunds are limited. For some eTextbook providers and specific eTextbooks, accessibility accommodations may be limited.

**Can I order my eTextbook through www.gsustore.com?

eTextbooks can be purchased in-store or online at www.gsustore.com. eTextbooks purchased online or in-store will be available for reading after checkout through RedShelf or VitalSource. To order books click here. To access ebook platforms click this link.

Can I get a refund for an eTextbook?

eTextbooks are eligible for a full refund within one week from the beginning of classes if: no more than 10% of the eTextbook content has been viewed and/or printed; the access code for any online resources, included with the eTextbook, has not been viewed; and if you have not "checked out" any part of your eTextbook to view offline.

What are the system requirements to access an eTextbook?

Here are our recommended browsers (we recommend Google Chrome for the best experience):

Google Chrome (Win/Mac/Android)

Safari (iPad/iPhone/Mac)

Firefox (Win/Mac)

Edge (Win/Mac)

*We do not recommend using Google Chrome on iPad and iPhone devices*

eTextbooks may be read on the following browsers: Online Viewing: *IE 7.0 or higher (Windows) *Firefox 3.5 or higher (Windows/Mac) *Safari 3.0 or higher (Mac) *Chrome Offline Viewing: *Firefox 3.6 or higher (Windows/Mac)

Can I access an eTextbook with my mobile device?

Yes. eTextbooks are compatible with computers, tablets, or mobile phones.

Can I access an eTextbook with my eReader?

eTextbooks will work on Kindle Fire, Chromebook, iPads, or Android tablets with OS 3.0 or higher. eTextbooks are not compatible with the original Kindle.

Do I need internet access to read an eTextbook?

You will need internet access to "check out" or "check-in" chapters of your eTextbook. Once you have checked out your eTextbook chapters, you can read them offline without an internet connection.

Can I print pages from an eTextbook?

There is also an overall limit to the number of pages you can print depending on your specific eTextbook. The eTextbook provider will have more information about the percentage of the book that can be printed or the select pages available for print.

How many chapters can I check out at one time?

This is specific to the eTextbook provider and specific eTextbook.

How long do e Textbook last? Do they expire?

Expirations vary, but most eTextbooks subscriptions purchased through the bookstore will last for 180 days (6 months) or for the lifetime of the edition of the textbook. After the subscription period, you will no longer be able to access the content.

How many computers can I use to access my e Textbook?

Online versions of eTextbooks can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Chapters that have been checked out for offline viewing can only be accessed from the computer on which the chapters were downloaded. You can use up to 2 computer and 2 mobile devices for most eTextbooks.

Can I sell an e Textbook back at the end of term?

No. eTextbooks are all about upfront savings. Instead of wondering how much your book will be worth at end-of-term buyback, you get your money up front in the form of savings on your initial purchase.

I need further assistance with my eTextbook. How can I get help?

For questions related to your eTextbook usage, please submit a ticket at Solve.Redshelf.com or Support.Vitalsource.com and your questions or issues will be resolved within a few business hours