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Textbook Tutorial

"Book BUYING just got Easier"This option pulls up the books that students will need for their current class schedule. New books are marked but can be changed by the student if there is a used book option. Required textbooks are marked for each class and "not required" books are also loaded for the student to purchase if desired.
  1. Log into student my.georgiasouthern.edu account
  2. Click on Order books in the second column under View Books **New**

  3. It may take a second to retrieve the textbooks for the classes that you are registered for.
  4. Review the list and make changes in your order.
  5. Click on "add these books to my cart".
  6. Review order.
  7. Click on "check out".
  8. Select Payment Option: Visa, MasterCard, or Eagle ID
  9. Select Shipping Option: UPS or In Store Pick Up
  10. Then Login or Create New Account


Instructions for Ordering Textbooks Online
Class Schedule: Below is an example of a class schedule. If you do not have your schedule you can get a copy by logging onto WINGS at HERE. To generate your list of textbooks you will need to know the Department, Course, and Section for each class.
Step One: Select the term for which you need textbooks
Step Two: Select the department
Step Three: Select the course
Step Four: Choose your selection.* Note: If your section is not listed in the box and the section ALL - STAFF is listed, select this option for your section.
Step Five: Click "Find Books For These Course".
Step Six: Choose the books which you will need for your course. As a default setting, 1 is set as the number of books to add. Also the used version of the textbook is selected. If you wish to have a new book you must click on new. The required textbooks for the course are labeled 'required'. When finished click "Add These Books To My Cart".
* Depending on your browser, you may not need to click GO to forward to the next page.  
Start Search: If you are ready to begin generating your list of textbooks select "START SEARCH" below. Still have questions? You can contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-861-7059 for help.
Start Search