SALE Item List

The Game White Cap w/Embroidered GSU Bar & Secondary Logo on Back
MV Sport Navy Youth T-Shirt w/Eagles, Helmet & Go Big Blue
White 23" x 50" Beach Towel w/Athletic Logo
Game Band Temporary Tattoos
Spirit Accents Mini Temporary Tattoos
Game Day Food Tray - 25 Trays w/Academic Logo & Gus
Navy Graduation Stole w/Embroidered Academic Logo
Silver Engraved Keychain - Class of 2016
Spirit 90oz Sippy Cup
Shot Glass w/Secondary Logo & Eagle Head
Nature's Garden Pineapple Mug w/GS on Handle
Nature's Garden Lychee Mug w/GS on Handle
Nature's Garden Cucumber Mug w/GS on Handle
Silicone Shot Glass - 1.5 oz
Koozball w/Athletic Logo
Navy GSU Football Helmet Bottle It
Championship Rings Poster 11"x17"
Navy Beach Towel 30" x 57" w/Gus
Doggie Cheerleader Dress
Third Street Navy/Gold Infant Toddler Youth Long Sleeve T-Shirt w/GSU & Eagle Head
Wes Willy Toddler & Youth Elf Long Sleeve T-Shirt w/Eagle Head
Divine Creations GS Queen Tiara w/Embroidered Athletic Logo
Non-Skid Fuzzy Pink Socks
Red Slipper Socks
High Top Sneaker Knee High Socks
High Top Sneaker Women's Socks
OMG! Women's Socks
Skull Women's Socks
Rainbow Piano Women's Socks
Sneaker Slipper Socks
Rainbow Women's Socks
Polka Dot Knee Socks
Keep Calm Women's Socks
Bombay Cuff Clutch
Mudpie Seersucker Crossbody Purse
Comport Colors Orange Sweatshirt w/Arched GS
CI Sport Navy Striped Long Sleeve Ladies T-Shirt
20" x 16" Matted Art Print - The Eagles
K&R Navy 24 oz The Serenity Teapot w/Athletic Logo
Tassel Topper I Love Mom & Dad!!
Tassel Topper Camo w/Athletic Logo
Wes & Willy Favorite Plaid Shirt w/Eagle Head & Eagles on The Back
Adidas GS Basketball Replica Jersey
Concepts Sport Ladies Navy Scarf w/Eagles & Athletic Logo
White Piggy Bank w/Athletic Logo
Pink Piggy Bank w/Athletic Logo
2014 Sun Belt Conference Champions 11"x17" Wall Cling
Chevron Note Pad
24 Sheets Disposable Tailgate & Party Placemats w/Athletic Logo
16" Navy "Go Eagles" Fan
Navy Toothbrush Holder
Baden Office Size "Inaugural Season" Football
Cookie Cutter - Eagle Head
Green Recycles T-Shirt w/GATA
GS Recycle Navy T-Shirt w/Academic Logo on Front & State on Back
Russell Navy/White Reversible Tank w/GS & Eagle Head
Boxercraft Charcoal Youth Legging w/Pink Heart Eagle Head
Mudpie Sabrea Cropped Pant Navy Clover Lattice
Navy, Blue & White Melanie Poncho
Navy Gingham Whitney Sleeveless Ruffle Dress
Totable Tunic Lattice
Jaipur White/Navy Tunic
Safia Embroidered Tunic
Navy Knotical Pant
Melanie Tunic Blue Stripe
Distric Made Coral Pebbles Ladies Shimmer V-Neck w/Secondary Logo
Third Street Navy Infant Football Set
Gildan Navy Class of 2019 T-Shirt w/Athletic Logo
Adidas Navy/Gold Toddler/Youth Preschool Girls 2-Piece Turtleneck & Cheerleader Dress Set w/Embroidered Athletic Logo & GS
The Game Graphite Stretch A-Flex Cap w/Embroidered White GS
Russell Navy Ladies T-Shirt w/GSU
The Fullback Fringe Dress - Navy & Gold
Custom Helmet Navy Foam Helmet w/Athletic Logo
Flying Colors Navy/White Stripe Head Turner
Adidas Navy Full Zip Jacket w/Embroidered Eagles & Eagle Head
Adidas Navy Eagle Head w/Foam Hand T-Shirt
Adidas Navy Ladies T-Shirt w/#1 Front & Back
Adidas Navy Visor w/Embroidered Athletic Logo




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